Hair Extensions

We offer only highest standard of hair extensions: 100% genuine human hair of the highest quality available. The Right Hair salon extension and application methods include:

Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions: lasts 3-7 months.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions is made with the finest source of virgin Temple hair available in the marketplace. The quality of this hair is unmatched. It is applied by the individual strand by strand method, Keratin bonded to the hair. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and, most importantly, non-damaging to your natural strands.

Hairlocs: lasts 2-9 months.

The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System employs individual strand by strand-cold application, uses no braiding, sewing, heat or glue, and gives you the opportunity to experiment with fun colors and highlights without the use of chemicals. The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System was initially designed for fine and fragile hair, and does not require solvents to remove.

Micro-bead Weft: lasts 6 weeks-5 months.

Micro-bead Wefts are wefts with micro beads attached. They require no adhesives or sewing. Your hair is threaded through the micro beads along the hair weft. The bead is closed when clamped with a hair pliers to secure the weft to your head. This method is also great for adding volume, thickness, or color to your natural hair. Micro-bead Wefts lie flatter to head than simple wefts.

Wefts: lasts 6 weeks-5 months

Weft hair extensions are strands of hair that are hand tied and held together by a “track” or “weft” that has been stitched to the hair. The weft is placed ear to ear on your head, and attached with a small braid of your own hair using the bonding or sewing/weaving technique, or it can be temporarily clipped into the hair when special snapclips are sewn to the weft.

Clip Ons: lasts 1-2 days

Clip-In hair extensions are a perfect solution to getting long, full hair without commitment. The wefts are attached with small pre-attached pressure clips placed one to three inches in the hair line. The clips are designed to ensure your extensions stay secure, so you can feel comfortable and confident all day long.

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