Schwarzkopf brings you quality color, styling products and the very best in professionally-inspired home hair care. Their accessible brands are easy-to-use and deliver results that are totally in tune with you and your lifestyle. The brand is constantly innovating in the great tradition of its founder. Whatever your hair type, Schwarzkopf has a caring product for you.

An innovator in haircare products and Europe’s most influential hair color leader, Schwarzkopf Professional has been pioneering the development of ground-breaking products for over a century.


Preferred choice of the world’s most celebrated hairstylists and colorists, Schwarzkopf is consistently seen on fashion runways, in leading international fashion publications and on the world’s most beautiful and fashionable people.


Established in 1898, Schwarzkopf has historically been associated with innovation. Some Schwarzkopf firsts include:

  • World’s first dry-shampoo (1908);
  • First research and information center for hair designers worldwide (1927)
  • World’s first hair gloss conditioning rinse (1930)
  • World’s first herbal hair treatment (1932)
  • World’s first non-alkaline shampoo (1933)
  • World’s first individual setting lotion (1952)
  • World’s first perm (1964)
  • World’s first aerosol foam hair color (1970)
  • IGORA FASHION the first one-step highlighting color for hair designers(1982)
  • Igora Royal, permanent creme color, with an exclusive new moisturizing ingredient: Plantaren 2000 (1996)
  • Red Booster Color Gel, a color amplifier that dramatically increases the color quality of red and copper hair color pigments (1998)


Schwarzkopf’s thorough research process involves scientists, dermatologists and hair designers – all of whom contribute to the development of product formulations. The time-tested, technically perfect products that emerge from our laboratories allow salon professionals to proceed with the complete confidence that they will always have the finest quality results. The Schwarzkopf Medical Scientific Department, under the guidance of a distinguished dermatologist, also works in tandem with the company’s fashion and test studios, ensuring that all new product formulas are pure, stable and compatible with delicate and sensitive skin and hair – and that product performance surpasses expectations.