Trending Tuesday

Long socks and heels are the perfect way to complete that spring outfit! The combinations of the long socks or stockings with heels will give your spring outfit that... Details

Makeup Monday

Ever hear of the makeup brand E.L.F? No? Well, for being extremely inexpensive brand it holds its own against the competition. E.L.F stands for eyes, lips, and face. The... Details

Fashion Friday

The 2014 Spring runway was one of the best runways seasons in the recent past! The colors, style, and imagination of the MANY different fashion icons was beyond all... Details

Thoughts for Thursday

Running out of time in the morning? Can’t get your hair to look the way you want it? Here are two easy up do’s to try out in the... Details


We had so much fun today shooting a commercial for the salon today! The Right Hair Salon will be featured on Discover Orange County, a series airing on PBS... Details