Makeup Monday

Care of Makeup Brushes Making sure your facial brushes and sponges are clean is a fantastic way to start your week! Having clean brushes and sponges make you positive... Details

Fashion Friday

Future of Fashion With everyone looking to the past for fashion inspiration, it is now time to look to the FUTURE for fashion! In 1985, Back to the Future... Details

Thoughts for Thursday

Your hair can be your best accessory and who better to take care of your best accessory than you’re hair’s bestfriend? The Right Hair Salon, Ladera Ranch and Mission... Details

Wedding Wednesday

Vintage Wedding Trends In a sense, fashion trends are having a flashback! Especially in the wedding fashion realm it seems that older trends are making a comeback! Vintage theme... Details

Trending Tuesday

Retro Trends It’s never too late for any fashion trend! That 1970’s retro look is back! Patterns, colors, and style of converged to form a fashion that can be... Details